When you change your perspective, you change what's possible.

We serve a diverse community of learners. We provide an excellent education to every scholar entering our building, regardless of their previous experiences or current abilities. We accept ALL scholars and do whatever it takes to meet their needs.

Our Results
Four Years

Four years of investment.
A lifetime of return.

We build and support high school programs that serve the diverse learning needs of our scholars. Our unwavering belief that all scholars can reach their highest potential drives the innovative programming that equips our graduates for a lifetime of success.

Our Programs
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A different school of thought.

On average, our students enter freshman year reading at a 6th grade level. We serve a diverse community of learners. 20% of our students receive special education services and 14% of our students are over age by two years or more. Where some see obstacles, we see opportunity. By the end of senior year, 98% of seniors are accepted into college.

Our Mission